7 potenciadores geniales del cerebro para probar antes del trabajo

Para ayudarlo a abordar las tareas de su día y agudizar su cerebro en los años venideros, agregue estos refuerzos cerebrales simples a su rutina matutina.

Conceptos básicos sobre el impulso cerebral

dolores agudos al azar en todo mi cuerpo

So many of us are torn between juggling heavy workloads, nurturing relationships, keeping up with family responsibilities and then just barely squeezing in time for the things we enjoy as individuals. All that stress can zap our concentration, make us irritable or depressed, and harm our relationships—including the professional ones we’ve forged at work. (Here’s more on how stress really affects your brain.)  Working out areas of the brain before a full day can set us on a path of increased agility and flexibility in our thinking and enable us to communicate more calmly and effectively with our colleagues