5 razones por las que podrías estar gordo, según un productor del mayor perdedor

El productor de televisión de realidad virtual J.D.Roth ha visto de primera mano por qué algunas personas pueden perder cantidades mágicas de peso (y no recuperarlo), y otras no. La diferencia tiene que ver con cómo superan los obstáculos mentales.

No tienes habilidades de afrontamiento

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Elaine, a woman I met at the gym who had 100 pounds to lose, didn’t start gaining weight until she was in her late twenties and went through a divorce. Some people have the life skills to move on. Elaine didn’t. Without the benefit of a supportive family to walk her through the steps of dealing with emotional turmoil, she ran away, landing in probably the worst place for someone in need of comfort: a cruise ship, where she worked for five years. Elaine dove right into the all-you-can-eat-and-drink cruise ship culture. And it wasn’t even fun. The heavier she got, the more she stayed isolated in her cabin. I didn’t want to feel anything. I was eating and drinking to push down my feelings